Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished Pillow

Hello, everyone!  I know I've been MIA, but there has been a lot going on in my professional life that has been occupying my time.  It has resulted in a promotion and a raise, so I'm very pleased about that and hopefully now things have settled enough for me to get back to some seriously fun sewing.

I've recently finished the second pillow in a series of four and I love how it has turned out.  The fabrics used are a quilting-weight cotton from Joann's for the print, Kona Black for the solid, and a very satiny gold which I love the look of, but don't particularly like sewing with.  It's very slippery.  The embroidery was done with Pearle cotton.  Again, very pretty but a little different than embroidery floss.

The top is quilted with straight lines--my favorite kind of quilting.  My customer wanted a burgundy thread to match the print.  I think it looks lovely with the gold.

The back is done with the gold with four buttons for the closure.  This particular fabric is much easier to work with on larger areas, so the back came together a little more easily than the front.

I use a disappearing ink to mark button placement.  You can still see it in this photo, but it's all gone now.

All in all, I think that the overall look of the pillow is very successful.  I truly hope that the recipient loves it and is proud do display it in her home.

And now for something completely different.

Peter is going as Ralphie from A Christmas Story for Halloween.  He's pretty excited about it.


  1. love the pillow!

    Poor Peter :(

    Amber E.

  2. awwhahaha what a cutie!

    and wow, great job on the pillow..kudos for managing that satin!