Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Studio Sale Loot

So, in September my favorite fabric designer held her second (hopefully annual) studio sale.  When I found out that Heather Ross was doing this, I basically begged my husband to let me pretty pretty please buy something.  Fortunately for me, my husband finds me irritating enough when I get like this to just give me my way!  So, I was SO EXCITED when this package finally arrived in the mail on Saturday afternoon.

The thing about Heather's studio sale is that you don't really know what you're going to get.  You set a spending limit and she puts together a little package of awesomeness filled with things she thinks you'll like.  Imagine how excited I was to see two prints from her current line with Spoonflower that I'm refusing to buy because of the cost!  Yay!  I am absolutely loving the little clothespin dolls.

Also included were prints that are long out of print.  The mermaids and seahorses are from her last line with Westminster called Mendocino.  I love this line.  I have no idea what line(s) the green polka-dot and the yellow floral are from, but I'm sure glad to add them to my stash.  If anyone knows anything about those two fabrics, please let me know in the comments.  I'm very curious. 

In addition to the fabric Heather chose for me, she included the tiny little gems pictured above.  I adore those toadstool felt appliqued patches.  And that crocheted lobster?  So sweet!  Also included were three crocheted flowers and stems, but my picture of those turned out blurry and I'm too lazy to go take another one.  Drat.

Nate said it was weird to frame this particular item, but it's a signed print.  Personalized.  And it looks lovely in it's spot above my sewing workstation.  In case all of you think it's weird, too, I want to reassure you that I only spent $9.00 on this poster frame.  So, it's not like I went to Michael's and had it custom framed.  Yet.

I have some exciting projects on the horizon including a couple of quilts.  I can't wait to share my progress in the next few days.


  1. quite the stash...i'm a little jealous :D and i love love the print, i would totally frame it too!

  2. Awesome awesome haul!!! I am so jealous of your Macaroni love story! And the yellow and green prints are from Denise Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy Line. I just got an email from Heather today that my box is being shipped out tomorrow. Can't wait!

  3. Oh SO jealous that I didn't do that. *kicking myself*

    So Emily tells me you might be joining us for the craft meetup??? AWESOME!

  4. Kat, thanks for validating my neuroses. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel about myself. LOL.

    Em, I cannot wait to see what you're getting. The only fabric I've cut into is the yellow Denise Schmidt, so if there's anything you decide you want to trade, let me know.

    Rae, first, thanks for visiting! And commenting! Secondly, yes, I'm planning on attending the craft meetup. The only thing that would prevent me coming is if my husband has to do something that evening for work. But, that's unlikely, so hopefully I'll be meeting you soon.