Sunday, April 3, 2011


About twice a year, I really get motivated to deep-clean our apartment.  I keep it reasonably clean year-round, but every spring and every fall, I really get it super-clean.  This spring, I took it a little further and de-cluttered all of our closets and rooms, repainted the living and dining/sewing areas, and made a few strategic furniture purchases at Ikea.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my husband and I were in the housing market, but after reviewing our budget, we decided to wait a couple more years before committing ourselves to a home purchase.  When we decided to stay in our apartment, I decided that we needed to re-vamp a few things to make our 660 square feet a little more manageable for the next two years.

Believe it or not, this closet gets re-organized more often than any of our other ones.

First on the to-do list was going through all of our closets to find things we could donate or throw away.  I brought no fewer than 1000 bags of trash and donations out of the apartment.  Ok, maybe it wasn't 1000.  But it sure felt like at least that much.

Trash I found in the linen closet.

Peter kept bumping his head on the desk that the TV sits on whenever he would try to get to his toys.
My favorite part of our spring make over has got to be our living room.  I repainted and put up a new Expedit system from Ikea.  I changed out the artwork behind our couch.  I used to have photos up, but I took some paintings I had done in college, covered the canvases with a few favorite fabrics, and hung those instead.  I'm also in the process of recovering our throw pillows and will post pictures when they're done.

The paint color we decided on is Glidden Antique Silver.  It's a slightly blue-ish grey and I love how it changes with the light through the day.  We also freshened up the trim with bright white paint.  The fabrics on the wall are from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line and Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane.  The pillows will be re-done with mostly Nicey Jane, as well.  

And, of course, no living room would be complete without a cozy reading area for smart little guys.  He's telling me all about how Mr. Brown Can Moo.  


  1. Lisa, this is all SO amazing and beautiful!! I think you can add "organizer" to your talents with interior design!!

  2. Wow, Lisa it looks so great! You really transformed the place!