Monday, September 20, 2010

Piano Pillow

I finished up my first of four commissioned pillows.

I lowered the lid of the piano by about half--the only alteration from the original design.

The recipient of this first decorative pillow is a piano teacher.  I adore the black and white checks surrounding the embroidered center panel, and I have to say that grand piano looks pretty darn good.  It's my own design rather than a commercial design and it came out beautifully.  To those of my friends who didn't believe my art degree would pay off, I offer you evidence to the contrary.

I did some straight line quilting on the top to emphasize the diamond motif.

To finish, I hand-sewed a couple of buttons on the back and the tassels at the corners.
Hopefully I'll be starting on the second pillow soon, and in the meantime, I have been working on Rebecca's lavender quilt.  I'm pretty excited to get all of the blocks done and the top sewn together.

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